Saturday, May 5, 2012


This was so much fun!!!  We had heard about these rodelbahn things from friends who were stationed in Germany before us, so I was especially excited to be able to give one a try. :)  I didn't realize how fast you could really go.  I was thinking it would be fast, but not quite that fast.  Of course, I love to go fast, so I thought it was awesome.  The nice thing is that you can adjust the speed yourself - the farther forward you push the stick, the faster you go!!!  Some of us went with it all the way down!!! :)

First, your little "car" get pulled to the top

We're getting higher

Hey everyone!!

There come daddy and Shenandoah!!!
(you can't see in the picture, but she had the biggest grin on her face :)

They're off!!

Mommy and Sayer!!



Us older three slide in!!
(Poor Sienna scraped her ear pretty good on the side, but she still enjoyed it anyway.  You just have to be sure to lean with it!)

Afterward we went to a play area there and mommy took this picture

The view from the parking lot was so pretty

You can see Neuschwanstein from the rodelbahn

This picture was mommy's idea - I think it was a good one

Running back!
(notice Seth and Sayer had already passed us up.  The different running faces are, um, unique. :)

Keep coming!!

Run Doey Run!!!

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