Monday, March 4, 2013

Cochem, Burg Eltz, and Koblenz May 26th, 2012

This was our last day of travels while in Germany (at least for now :).  We enjoyed going to three final places and hope you enjoy the pictures as well.

The LORD blessed us with another bright sunny day!

Inside the car.

The backseat crew.

Hey, we got to see "mini stonehenge" - now we don't have to go to the real one! :)

A very twisty winding road.

A church in the valley below.

Narrow roads.

Cochem in sight.

Cochem castle.

It wasn't starbucks, but it worked. :)

Moseyin' along the Mosel.

Seth got to pet a swan!
(Something he had wanted to do for a long time!)

German cowboy music - just not quite right. :)

Lunch break!

Shen Shen

A neat castle church we passed on the way to our next destination.

Burg Eltz 

This castle has been owned by the same family since the 1100's - 33 generations ago!

There is a museum in part of the castle.

A coat of arms family tree.

This suit of armor sat a little off the floor - men must have been shorter back then!

Cannon balls?


Back outside. 
(Once again, you couldn't take pictures of the inside of the castle.  This was one of our favorite castle tours though - the lady was very nice and informative!)

Special treats.

The castle through the trees.

Our last stop was the Keiser Wilhelm monument in Koblenz at the Deutsches Eck ("German Corner") where the Rhine and Mosel rivers meet.  It is the German's "Alamo". 

Keiser Wilhelm I, king of Prussia, became the first German emperor in 1871 when he unified Germany and established the German empire.

You can see the fortress of Ehrenbreitstein on the hill across the river.

Standing where the rivers meet.

A interesting church in Koblenz.

The Cochran siblings!

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Lisa said...

Savannah, as always, I LOVED seeing these!! What a beautiful country, and it is so neat that they have so much history. You all were very, very blessed to experience all that!!

Love you all and miss you bunches!!