Wednesday, December 12, 2012

From June...

I remembered that I never did a post of my parents 29th anniversary this year once we got our computer back!  I didn't want to skip it though and decided to post one now - before hopefully getting everything else caught up!

We had a lot of fun coordinating with daddy and getting everything set up on our end for a special anniversary dinner over Skype (what a blessing technology is!!)  It was a bit interesting with the time change and all, but everything pulled off great!!

Getting things ready!!
They were even able to eat the same meal by us fixing the dish for mommy on this end (it was the first time we had ever made it and it turned out great!) and daddy getting it from an Italian restaurant that we all went to when we were in Germany - which is where we first had it.

Sabrina gathered flowers for a fresh flower bouquet.

Making cards.

Everyone had fun pitching in and getting everything set up!

By God's grace, the timing for dinner (and lunch on this end :) worked out great and we had everything ready by the same time daddy arrived home with his!

Happy anniversary daddy and mommy!!

I tried my hand at making French eclairs - they need a bit more perfecting, but turned out good for the first time - still not as good as the ones we had in France! :)

Daddy was able to have a special bouquet delivered via friends that live out this way as well!!

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