Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Are you ready for more from Europe!?!

Yes, that's right - I'm finally getting back to posts from Europe!!  I hope you all will enjoy them very much!!  First, I wanted to do a little bit of review...

We were in Germany for 4 1/2 months (daddy was there for 6 months).  I am still amazed by everything the Lord allowed us to see and do and that we were able to be together as a family for most of daddy's time there.  It's really amazing to look back at the pictures because it still seems "unreal" in a way that we were even there!!

Here is a quick overview:

  • 4 1/2 months.
  • 33 traveling days (mainly the weekends!).
  • 11 countries.
  • 16,000 miles traveled.
  • transported by plane, train, van, bus, taxi, boat, ferry, and subway!
I still have the whole month of May to post!  Besides a few posts of "everyday" life, below are the locations you can look forward to pictures from:

  • Normandy, France (and a lot of other places around there!).
  • Brugges, Belgium (which they call "Little Venice").
  • Worms, Germany
  • Heidelberg, Germany (it was one of our favorite places, so we had to visit it again! :).
  • Battle of the Bulge sites around Belgium and Luxembourg.
  • Trier, Germany (which they call "Little Rome").
  • Paris, France
  • Basil, Switzerland
  • Strasbourg, France
  • and more!!
I think you'll also be excited to watch the slideshows that I put together below!!  The two-part slideshow is a snapshot of everything we did in Europe, so you can review what I already posted about and get a sneak peak at what will be posted soon.

The "On The Road" slideshow is just a fun little slideshow of tons of pictures from our travels to the many different locations - visiting all of those sites, you spend a lot of time in the car (and other modes of transportation)!! :)


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