Thursday, December 20, 2012

White Unto Harvest - Part 1

The end of October, we were very blessed by going to the "White Unto Harvest" conference put on by the NCFIC.  It was very enriching and convicting!!

Another huge blessing were the friends we were able to see while there and the wonderful times spent together.

Of course, the trip actually begins a few days before with all of the preparations.  Here are a few pictures of the Cochran's getting out the door and during the first part of their travels!

Sienna in the kitchen.  We took the our own food with us.

Seth killing flys.
(A must so they don't land on the food we're baking in the kitchen!)


Lots of hanging clothes!

We left bright and early after being slightly delayed because of a battle with a opossum.

Tulsa in the early morning sunrise.

The sun makes its appearance!

I thought the sky was so pretty.  I love sky pictures. (In case you haven't noticed :).

Sabrina making lunch in the car.

The back seat crew.

The middle seat crew.

We took out our two back bucket seats and packed all the hanging clothes, suitcases, and coolers there. Our parents had their own little spot up front complete with a sound proof barrier - well, not quite. :)

All tuckered out - apparently the early morning was too much for them or maybe they were just trying to pass the time!  We drove the 17 hours straight through!!!


Lisa said...

Hey...I didn't know you all went to this!! One of our adopted "brothers" from AZ flew out there along with a few other guys from our church!!

Cochran Family said...

How funny!! What a small world!!

Ebenezer Forest Farm said...

Hi Savannah,

I'm so surprised that you all went to that conference!! Some friends from out here were there! :)

I need to write you back soon! :)