Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Part Two!!

You may remember our last talent/blessing night here.  This one was different in that we had a lot more people (so much fun!), but the same in that it was an awesome time!!

While the ladies set up shop at the CAC...

...the men and boys headed over to the simulators!

Little Peter - what a cutie!!

Let the evening of blessing begin!

The Fleshman's blessed us with three wonderful songs.

Benjamin recited a great poem - it perfectly encapsulated 2011 for those of us who live in Oklahoma and live on some acreage (with the drought and all).

Sayer and Shenandoah sang the books of the New Testament together.

The Hofmann family performed a skit that they made up that had to do with responding biblically to different situations.

I played "Butterfly Waltz" (one of my favorites) on the piano.

Abby recited a very touching poem in honor of their grandfather who went to be with the Lord earlier this year.

Jonah recited one verse from each of the chapters in the book of John.  What a powerful string of verses! 

Stasia recited the poem "America For Me" by Henry Van Dyke.

Side note: This poem could have been written by Stasia.  It fits her perfectly!!  We all had to laugh when Sienna found it for her and we all agreed she had to memorize it.  Needless to say, Stasia didn't enjoy Europe as much as the rest of us.

Benjamin also played a beautiful Bach piece on the piano.

Julia did a fun poem/book "100 Hungry Ants".  My younger siblings enjoyed it so much that they were reciting it for days! :)

Anna did a great job on Psalm 1.

Seth recited a wonderful poem on meditating at the end of each day on what we did right or wrong and making things right.

Corrine and Mrs. Bender did a memory verse song together.

Some of the "O's" entertained us with a couple of songs.

Thaddeus walked right up (in quite the cute little way) and did a good job on his own memory verse song.

Sienna recited Psalm 33.

Levi shared a memory verse song with us!

Daddy did his much beloved "Casey at the Bat" and really dressed up for it this time!

Micah sang and played "Come Thou Fount" for us - wonderful!

Elijah did a fantastic job transporting us all back in time with Patrick Henry's "Give Me Liberty" speech (one of my favorite speeches of all time :).

After the aforementioned performances, we had quite the entertaining song and performance from the above trio!!

They had us all laughing!!! :)

Note:  Thank you to Sarah for sharing a couple of the pictures with me!!

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