Monday, December 24, 2012

Thanksgiving 2012 Part 2

The third thing we were blessed with this Thanksgiving was having the Fleshman family up to our home to participate in our family's Thanksgiving celebration on Friday.  Once again, it was a great day.

It wouldn't be Thanksgiving without having someone try to guess what the following hanging looks like.

Ever since someone in our family brought it up a few years ago, this is no longer a cornucopia, but 
"the  blank".  

This brings me to an announcement:
The first person to guess correctly what we say it looks like wins a bag of Sabrina's delicious homemade caramel popcorn!!  Let me tell you - it's good!!! :)
Remember - you have to think way outside the box, but once you see it, you really can "see" it!!
Let the guessing begin!!!
Click picture to enlarge.

A time of hymn singing, and Bible reading.

Wow that turkey looks good!!

Mr. Fleshman and daddy.

Kitchen prep.

Alyssa and Sabrina.

Story time with Dylan.

We greatly enjoy using our grill.  We smoked both the turkey and the ham!!


Seth and mommy.



The boys.

The girls.

The big table.

Hannah and Stasia.

Daddy read some of "Plymouth Plantation" and George Washington's day of thanksgiving proclamation to us.

Sabrina, Abby, Alyssa, and Sienna.

We were happy to be able to have the Fleshman's participate in our time of reading and showing thankfulness to each other.

Banana time!

It wouldn't be Thanksgiving without pie - and cool whip! :)


Upset the fruit basket!!

Group picture!

The Fleshman family
- we had such a wonderful time with you all and are so glad you could come!!

We got a family picture too!!  Thank you Fleshman's!!

1 comment:

Anna said...

It looks like a bird that's coming out of it's nest:)
The pumpkin is the head, the stick of the pear is the eye, and the corn is the beak(the yellow part of the corn is the food.) That's my opinion:)