Friday, December 21, 2012

White Unto Harvest - Part 2

The conference was held in the beautiful mountains of North Carolina.  The fall colors were gorgeous!!!  We just don't get them quite like that out here in Oklahoma.  We had such a great weekend.  I hope you enjoy the pictures!!

A beautiful bright sunny day!

We were so excited for an opportunity to see the Harrises again!!  Though we had looked very forward to meeting their whole family, in God's providence not all of them ended up being able to come.  We were happy to be able to meet Hope and John though, and see many of the rest of them again!!  We were also able to meet some of the Wikman family, sweet friends of theirs (and now ours too!! :).

Visiting with Hope.
(Thank you, Hannah, for the picture!)

Some views of the scenery.

The pictures really don't do it justice.

Mr. Scott Brown's opening message.

Mr. Doug Phillips.

Twins!  We had to get a picture with Seth and this handsome little guy in their matching hats. :)

It was beautiful.

Family picture.

I was so happy to see my dear friend, Jeri Beth, again!!

We got to meet her adorable little brother!!

Shenandoah was happy to be able to see "Bub" again for a few days.

After the conference Saturday night, we had the Harrises and Wikman's over to our room for brownies, ice cream, and delightful fellowship!!  It was great to catch up and also get to know one another!!

Shenandoah must have had too late of a night. :)  It was well worth it though.

Sabrina making breakfast.

"Bub" and Shenandoah.

After church on Sunday, we ate lunch with the Harris, Wikman, and Gobart families.  What a blessed time of fellowship!!

Group shot!!
(Or most everyone anyway!!)

We were so thankful for the Lord's hand of protection as the Harrises and Wikman's headed home right in the path of hurricane Sandy.  We're so happy they made it home safe and sound!!

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