Monday, December 24, 2012

November 2012 Overview

The "O's" held a time of prayer and discussion the weekend before the elections.

All of the men took time to share something.

Mr. Sawyer

Mr. Ahlgren


Mr. Bender

Mr. Ford

Fellowship afterward.

Blue sky and fall colors.

Beautiful clouds.

I voted for the first time!

Daddy and mommy took us to Texas one day.

We got to eat at their favorite BBQ place that they enjoyed over 20 years ago when daddy was at pilot training!  It is still great today.

We got to see where daddy went through pilot training and where they lived.

The last time daddy and mommy were here was with daddy as a student pilot and none of us kids!

We celebrated mommy's birthday!!  Happy Birthday Mommy - we love you!!!

Seth found this rose for mommy on her birthday - the only one around.  What a special gift from the Lord!!

We went to Julia's birthday tea party!!

Our fine waiters.

Mr. Bender

People took time to encourage Julia as she's becoming a women.

Mrs. Bender

Julia read a sweet poem to each of her parents.

Mrs. Fleshman


The mother's (and a few little girls :) with Julia.

The girls!

The Cochran ladies - minus poor Shenandoah who couldn't go because she was sick.

The next day I stayed home from church with Shenandoah and we had a special tea party of our own.

She helped me make some healthy little tea cookies and joyfully exclaimed that she couldn't wait to tell "me me" (Sabrina) that she now knew how to bake! :)

She set the table too and Patsy the polar bear joined us for tea.

Shen and I.

We got our first frost.

Beautiful sky.

 One of the younger ones found this dead fly on the candle. A very funny picture when you look at it - it either died on impact or as soon as it landed or it got stuck!!

Ha ha...

Shen and Seth.

Yummy!!  Coffee with left over cool whip from Thanksgiving!! :)

Cousin Rod was able to visit us for a couple days and even spend Thanksgiving with us.  We were so glad he could come - it was great to spend time with him again!

Shenandoah enjoyed cousin Rod reading nursery rhymes to her.  She thought his version of "Hickory, Dickory, Dock" was pretty funny too:
"Hickory, dickory, dock,
The mouse ran up the clock.
The clock struck one,
and the other ones got away." :)

A group picture!

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