Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Hello Again!

Hi Everyone!!

I'm back - and hopefully I won't go away again until I'm sufficiently caught up!!  Hopefully you'll enjoy that as much as I will. :)  My goal is to tie a lovely ribbon on 2012 by the new year, so we'll see how I do.

We were sitting around the dinner table the other night discussing what we've been doing since our arrival back in the states the end of May (and daddy the middle of July).  After doing this, we realized why it has seemed like we've been just a little bit busy!!  I'm not saying we haven't enjoyed the things I'll list below - just that time flies when you're having fun!!


  • had around 30 days of overnight company.  So thankful for times with friends and family!!
  • been out of town around 15 days. (this is almost two months right here).
  • canned over 300 jars of fruit and produce.
  • done lots of eBay/Craig's listing (which includes all the clean out to find the things to sell, multiple trips to the post office, keeping track of everything, etc.)
  • done school with the younger ones.
  • added a cow (temporarily three) to our property as well as some ducks.
  • been grieving the loss of both grandparents on daddy's side (grandpa went to be with the Lord last week) - the blessing is we know we'll see them again one day in heaven!
  • had sickness for about a month - poor Seth had pneumonia and Shenandoah had a terrible cough, but thankfully we're about over that! (although it looks like Sabrina, Sienna, and Sayer might be coming down with the respiratory illness.)
  • celebrated Thanksgiving - always a big holiday in our family!!
  • had multiple times with friends - we had a lot of catching up to do after being gone for 4-6 months!
  • and... everything else that I know I'm forgetting right now!! :)
Time is ticking though, so without further ado, let the posts begin!!!

Here's the agenda (unless things change :): 
  • A belated posting of our yearly letter.
  • My parent's anniversary.
  • August - December
  • *drum roll please*..... the rest of our time in Europe!!  Woohoo!!!
I also wanted to say "thank you" to all of you who have left comments on our blog over the past few weeks.  I know I don't often respond to them, but I greatly enjoy every one. :)

I hope you're enjoying the winter weather and that you'll enjoy all of the coming posts!!!

~ Savannah

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Abby said...

Excited for the coming posts, especially for the ones from Europe!!