Monday, December 17, 2012

Base Tour Day and Talent/Blessing Night - October 12th, 2012

In October, our family had such a fun time hosting a tour of the Air Force Base as well as a time of fellowship afterward and a talent/blessing night.  It was great!  I'm going to do this post in two parts - part two will be the talent/blessing night.  Enjoy the pictures!!

We got a bus and driver for the day!  It made it a lot easier to get everybody around.

What a great load of people! 

Our first stop was over with the military working dogs.  

It was really amazing to hear about everything that goes into their training and also see some demonstrations of what they do.

I want a dog like that. :)

Our next stop.

Getting a tour of the altitude chamber.

Benjamin was the first to try out the Barany Chair.

The Barany chair is used to demonstrate spacial disorientation effects.  It helps to show that human senses shouldn't be trusted in flight, but that pilots should instead rely on their instruments.  It is also used in motion sickness therapy.  

You feel very dizzy and disoriented after a ride in it! :)

Daddy gives some explanation.

Mr. Cook gives it a try.

Fellow photographers/recorders and spectators.

Mr. Bender's response was pretty funny.

 So was Mr. Ford's!!

The next room helps to familiarize pilots with the different aircraft and flight gear.

Shenandoah even wanted to try things out!

Daddy talking about the different gear.

Sayer and Seth.

Ladies watching.

Sayer was definitely in his happy place. :)

They thought it was great.

We had split up in two different groups, so we debriefed quickly with group #2 before heading outside.

This is where they practice parachute landings.

The Weather Shop - obviously one of my favorite stops of the day!  

I wish I had all that radar and equipment at home. :)

Then we headed out by the hangers to look at the jets.

Tabitha and I.

Group shot!
(thank you to my mother for the picture!)


Flame of Jah said...

Let me test my aircraft knowledge, is that last plane an F5 Tiger or variant? (F5E, TigerShark, etc.)

Looks a very fun day, especially getting to try on all the equipment.

Cochran Family said...

It's actually a T38.

The T38 is produced by the same company and has the same frame as an F5, but where the rear cockpit is on the T38, the F5 has fuel tanks.

You were close!