Saturday, December 15, 2012

September 2012 Overview

The Cook Family came for a nice time of dinner and fellowship!

Sabrina and Andee.

Having fun together.

Mommy sent the younger ones on a nature scavenger hunt/walk.  They each had a list of things they needed to put in their bag.

It looks like he found something.

Shen and Seth.

Shen and kitty.


A rose between two thorns or an adorable picture of three of my younger siblings? :)

Other happenings...
A beautiful sunset.

A joint effort on homemade burgers!

We had our first cold(er) snap and Stasia was afraid the cats were too cold.  This was her solution!

We attended a wedding of some friends!

Enjoying Anna Sofia and Elizabeth Botkin's "Reclaiming Beauty" Webinar.

We decreased our goat herd even though it was hard to say "goodbye".

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