Monday, December 24, 2012

Thanksgiving 2012 Part 1

Two of the things we were blessed with this Thanksgiving Day was having cousin Rod here with us and being able to go to the "O's" for a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner and time of fellowship!!

They had lovely table settings - complete with Mrs. "O's" grandmother's china, Thanksgiving decorations, and hand-embroidered place mats that the girls made.

Playing together.

I thought this was cute.

Last minute kitchen prep.

Carving the turkey.



Wallace and Sayer.

Even the dog got to enjoy some of thanksgiving dinner!

The little people!

They made SO many deserts!

We got to spend some time out with the horses...

...and ride too!!

The sunset was beautiful.

Sayer's turn!

The sky was amazing - I couldn't resist some pictures.

I love the clouds with the moon.

Lovely!!  The heaves do declare the glory of God.

Knox and Sherrod with a great backdrop! 

Even I got to ride - and trot!! That was fun. :)

Sarah, William, Myself, and Selah!

Group picture!!

Just because I love "then and now" pictures, this is 2010.

2004 - Wow!!

We're so thankful for the time of fellowship that we had with you all - it was great!!  Thank you SO much for having us!!!

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