Sunday, December 23, 2012

The Rest of October...

The title pretty much says it!!

Daddy and Mommy had a "date night" at home.

Sabrina made special menus and the boys served as good waiters!

Even Shenandoah got to help. :)

Some of the Norwood's came to pick up a wood stove and also have dinner.  It was great to fellowship with them!!

The boys and Shenandoah.

We were invited to a birthday party over in the Tulsa area.

It was great to make new friends and also get to visit with old ones as well!

We surprised the "O's" by dropping in on them on the way home - since we live two hours away from each other, that doesn't normally happen!! :)

Sydnee and Sienna.

Abby and Sabrina.

Stasia and Sherrod.

Sarah and I.

Stasia brought her cat inside!?!

We got a cow (we're temporarily watching some friend's cow and a bull as well) and a few ducks!

I'm sure they were looking foward to being out of their cage. :)

It was a beautiful sunset!

Charlotte and Lucy!
(Shenandoah was so excited about having the cows that we were barely able to get her to take a nap when daddy and mommy went to pick them up.  She was afraid of missing them!  When they got home and after she was able to watch them unload, she came inside and excitedly exclaimed 'We hab cows!!!'")

The Fleshman's spent a weekend with us.  What a great time of fellowship!!

Abby and Shenandoah.

Helping clean up the loft bed... the men could bring it inside!


Mrs. Fleshman taught us how to make goat milk soap - it smells good enough to eat!!!

Ready to set.

Good times.


Yay!!  The soap turned out!!

We had a great evening of dinner and fellowship at the Norwood's.

We were introduced to some fun new games!!

We stopped by the Ocker's too.  They were a blessing and watched our animals for us while we went to the conference.

Sarah and Elly.
I got to see some pictures of their trip out to Georgia!

Sarah got a new camera for her birthday!

Her view. :)

Squeezing in a last few minutes of fellowship for the night.

We've had four wonderful baptisms in the past couple of months!!

Micah and Jonah.


We were blessed by this beautiful rainbow and a wonderful reminder that we serve a God who keeps His promises.

P.S.  Thank you, Sarah, for sharing some of the pictures!!

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